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The I.B.C. Advertising program is another way to grow your store's bottom line. POS items include posters, spanners, and clings that look great and boost sales. Most advertisement items are provided free of charge to I.B.C. members.

Point Blank Food Mart Custom Posters.jpg

Stores that participate in advertising see on average between
10% - 20% INCREASE
in sales.


Static Clings

Small but easy to read product promotions that can be placed on vault doors and front doors windows! These are provided free of charge to I.B.C. members.


Window Posters

Posters are medium to large sized and are great for maximizing visibility through window placement, wall mounting or even suspended overhead. Advertising Posters are also included free to all members.



Spanners are large (15' to 20') and are typically installed to display prominently in the front of the store. They are excellent for drawing in traffic due the spanner's size and placement.


Custom Posters

Want to advertise your store's special promotions? Let I.B.C. design, print and deliver you custom items to help boost sales and keep customers coming back for more.

5. Buy A Spanner Frame

Now is the time to invest in a Spanner Frame and take your advertising outside! Receive free promotional frame inserts from I.B.C with our Spanner Program.


I.B.C. has decades of unique sales and consumer data and uses it to create region specific promotions that work. Promotions are evaluated and executed at key points throughout the year and are always optimized to give the specific customer and vendor opportunities in your store's location. We design, print, package, and ship each member's promotion materials automatically each promotional cycle. That means no interruptions and never missing out on the best promotions.

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