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outdoor spanners

Spanners are our largest printed promotional item and their purpose is simple:

make an impression on buyers. 

Drives Traffic to Your Store!

Nothing gets customers through the door like our giant storefront spanners. Members that choose to participate in the spanner program typically experience higher sales than those that choose to only run the basic advertising items. 

Easy Installation!

Our promotional spanners come in 2 sizes: 15' and 20'. Either can be used, depending on the space available. Installation assistance is offered free of charge by one on our local Regional Managers. They can even advise on optimal placement to ensure you are maximizing exposure. 

Stores that participate in advertising see on average between

10% - 20% increase in sales!

 Real Store Examples

 Below are examples of spanners placed at actual I.B.C. member stores. Different placement options are available based on the size and space available at the store-front.

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