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Advanced Business Analytics


I.B.C. understands how data is a necessity to survive in today's fast-paced convenience store environment. Collecting, analyzing, and making well informed decisions can be the key to staying ahead of the competition. As an I.B.C. member, you'll have access to I.B.C.'s private, exclusive data sets coupled with analytical tools to help you strategize with confidence.  


Store To Market Comparison 

Visualize your store's sales data like never before with the store-to-market comparison tool. View case sales, dollar sales, unit sales, or gross profit by quarter or year-to-date. Then compare your performance to other stores in your area.

Monitor Your Growth

I.B.C. offers all members access to advanced sales tracking and charting. No other source provides the opportunity to visualize sales from all major vendors in one place. We also store all of your sales data and offer reporting free of charge while you are an I.B.C. member.

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