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Exciting News!

Independent Buyers' Company

To better reflect our company's offering sand capabilities, I.B.C. has changed its name to Independent Buyers' Company. I.B.C. has coast to coast representation in 18 states, and in this year, we will become the first international buying group of its kind. 

Born as a traditional cooperative in the 90's, I.B.C. has catapulted itself into a full-service buying group offering account management expertise, category management services, proprietary technological solutions, and communication & printing services, anchored with a research and development organization that looks to solve immediate and future problems for today's independent convenience store operators. In short, we are more than a traditional co-op: we are a "Company of Companies" equipped to fully service independent operators!

Same management, same ownership, just more momentum!

Our name change not only implies our capabilities, but also marks another step in our storied growth. The fuel for that growth, is our members and vendor partners! We recognize the need to help you build margins and simplify your work and will not stop until you are more than satisfied. Independent Buyers' Company and independent retailers: our future is brighter than ever because of our partnership.

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