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Felonious assault insurance
There are over 30,000 convenience store robberies each year. 

Don't be a statistic.

Understanding The Importance


Store owners face the horrible reality of a store employee being injured or killed. Workers’ Compensation pays expenses such as medical for injuries and a percentage of salary if an employee is killed. In most cases, Workers’ Compensation is not enough!!

Independent Buyers’ Company along with Breeden Benefit Group have created a Felonious Assault Program. The program will cover owners and employees.

If death occurs during a Felonious Assault, the plan will pay the family $400,000. If an injury occurs during a Felonious Assault, the plan will pay $2,500 per month while in the hospital and $385 weekly while recovering. This program was created for convenience store associations throughout the United States. Over $15,000,000 in financial relief has been paid to families. A family member cannot be replaced, however $400,000 will assist with future expenses.

Premiums will be deducted from rebate checks on a quarterly basis. Members have the opportunity to decline the program.


Q: How much is my premium?

A: Monthly payment varies by state. This covers three (3) months.


Q: How do I pay for this?

A: If your rebate qualifies, we will deduct it from your quarterly rebate check. If you do not qualify, you can sign onto the I.B.C. portal and pay your premium plus an online-processing fee. Click HERE for instructions on how to use our online portal.


Q: If I choose to leave I.B.C., is my enrollment on the insurance program cancelled?

A: Your enrollment will cancel at the end of the quarter that you leave.


Q: What happens if I do not opt out?

A: Your premium payment will be taken out of your rebate automatically.


B: You can still opt out at a later time. Refunds will be prorated.


Q: Is there a limit on number of employees covered?

A: No. All part time and full time employees covered (no cash employees). The policy has a limit of $800,000 per incident. Example-- If 3 employees are killed, the $800,000 would be divided by 3. Note-- Over the 12 years of associations having this policy, there has never been 2 employees killed or shot at the same time. Note: $800,000 is per incident not calendar year.


Q: Are owners covered?

A: Yes. Owners are covered. In addition, owners are covered while to and from the bank.

** Questions? Please call Darrell Breeden. **

O) 512-495-9799 

C) 512-567-9797

premium cancellation

Cancellation refund will be pro-rated based on the number of months remaining. 



If coverage for the months of July 1st - September 30th was charged and member notifies I.B.C. staff in July he wishes to opt-out, a refund will only be provided for the months of August and September only. 

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