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Posters are a fantastic way to advertise current IBC promotions and are proven to improve sales. Each promotional poster is custom-designed by I.B.C., easy to place, and made to maximize visibility and versatility.

Versatile & Effective!

We have seen just about every type of convenient store imaginable and know that each one has different needs. That is why we have designed our posters to be adaptable as possible while remaining attractive and effective. Different placement configurations make a connection with customers.

Our posters are 11" by 17" and can be placed in a number of different ways:

  • Outdoor

  • Indoor

  • Windows

  • Overhead

Quick to Display!

We provide all the mounting hardware for every display scenario which makes placement and removal a breeze. All display hardware is high quality and built to last. Everything you need is shipped right to you. Hardware includes:

  • 3-4 Poster Sleeves

  • 6-8 Suction Cups

  • 6-8 Overhead Display Hooks

Stores that participate in advertising see on average between

10% - 20% increase in sales!


Poster Examples

Below are some of examples of our 11"x17" posters that were placed on I.B.C. members stores in the past. 

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